Honeymoon Checklist You Should Keep In Mind

Honeymoon Checklist You Should Keep In Mind

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Everyone has their own honeymoon checklist. Some prefer going for a simple honeymoon in their home country and the other want to explore a little bit of the outer world with their spouses. After all, its meant to be their time alone celebrating their marriage, so they get to pick what they want. There are several travel agents who can make your life easier by making the travel arrangements the moment you tell them which country you want to travel and that is a little bit of confused state for any newlyweds because, they are honestly lost where they want to go most of the time 


If they ever come up with an overseas plan which most couples do, they can always go for a variety of selections. Through the Lumpini park hotel Bangkok they want to book they can ask for suggestion and their main kind of entertainment they have. Some places have really good roof top bars where you can dine and chill with your favorite mocktails, cocktail or mini shots. If you are fan of drinking these roof top bars are a definite must to tick. However, if your lady is not a fan of drinking and you want to make the honeymoon as per her wishes then you can take her to one of those restaurants suggested by the place you stay. Usually most people offer buffet for all three meals and they also have  a special high tea session in the evening. Which is very popular among the youngsters who usually go to catch up with their friends over the high tea. Apart from that, if you want to explore the street food off the city then you are free to go out of your fancy five star stay and look and ry out the street. Which will not be healthy as you think but will be worth the try. 


Most places or luxury places you stay do arrange activities for the couples. If you request you will be provided with a tourist guide who can take you around the city and country side and show you the places which are famous in their country. Some charge per hour and some has rates according to the packages you choose. You can get the guide arranged from the Saladaeng hotels you book itself to avoid coming across anything fraudulent. However, if you don’t like being a surrounded by someone all the time then you can go hunting for places on your own.  

After all, exploring together will be fun with the right person aside. 

Thus, keep your checklist ever ready where ever you go with your partner! 

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