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Month: February 2018

Tips For Going To College

Tips For Going To College

Have you just finished your schooling? Are you about to take the next step of your education and enroll for a college? If so, then you should know that college life is going to be a lot different to your schooling life. It will be a lot more challenging and will expose you more to the outside world. Therefore, you will need to take the necessary steps to help you prepare for this. Here are some tips that will help you.  

Find lodging 

When looking for colleges that aren’t going to be located close to your area of residence, you will have to find suitable accommodation. You can start by looking for a condo for rent, which will be the most suitable form of accommodation especially if you are going to be getting it with a few friends. Apart from this, you will also have to find a suitable way of travelling back and forth from your college, so you will need to make sure that it isn’t located too far away from it. The other option, which tends to be more common, is to find a hostel accommodation which will typically be provided by the college itself.  

Extra-curricular activities 

To maximize your time at university, you should look forward to taking part in a few extra-curricular activities as well. This could be things like joining a few clubs and societies. The main advantage of this is that you will get to meet new people and make a few more friends as well. Some of these clubs and societies will give you a certificate after completion, which will go a long way in your resume. Apart from this, you could also take part in college organized parties and events, where you can meet other students as well.  

Plan your allowance 

If you aren’t going to be earning while attending college at the same time, you will most likely require some allowance. This will cover everything from your condo BTS rent to your food. When deciding the allowance, you will need, you will have to first identify the fixed expenses, such as your tuition fees and price of accommodation. After this, you can allocate an amount to spend on your meals as well as travelling. It is better to keep a bit of additional funds in case you wish to spend on events and extra-curricular activities as well.  

Therefore, college life is going to be a lot more different to your schooling life. These tips should help you better with preparing for it.  

The Best All-inclusive Hotels Around The World

The Best All-inclusive Hotels Around The World

“All inclusive” sounds nice doesn’t it? All you have to do is pay for the package and enjoy the perks it has to offer. And these perks aren’t only limited to the three meals a day perk, but goes much more and beyond. So if you choose to visit the places mentioned below, then you should always be expecting the unexpected, because they are known to blow your mind with all that it has to offer!   

The calming COMO Parrot Cay 

The sandy beaches, the comfortable lounging chairs and the wide range of all-inclusive packages to choose from, is what any vacationer should be awaiting. And this is exactly what COMO Parrot Cay caters. The choice choosing a dining menu inspired by the Caribbean touch or the modern Mediterranean fare with added fun activities like kayaking trips with an in-house guide, bottom reef fishing, and even a soothing day out in COMO Parrot Cay’s very own Shambhala spa hotel Luang Prabang, are included in many of its all-inclusive packages offered to clients.  

The family ski trip in France 

Club Med in France, Valmorel offers family friendly ski trip packages that definitely promises a lot of fun for adults and children equally! Many of these package include fine dining menus, lift tickets, skiing lessons for beginners and even child care services that allows the adults to take a day off and enjoy the snow! Situated with an altitude of 9261 feet, the boutique hotel has 92 ski lifts, 25-mile cross-country ski trails and even 248 miles of ski runs. So you can practically ski till your legs give out! Check out more here   

The wild life in Arizona  

The Tanque Verde Ranch in Arizona has the same vibe as an outdoor camping trip in the wild Australian terrains with ranches and sand! Although it may not exactly have ranches, it does have an all-inclusive package of 3 meals a day, BBQ dinners with live music, hikes, mountain biking, horseback rides and even a round trip drop to the Tucson International Airport, all for a stay of four days or more!  

The re-energizing trip in Pennsylvania  

If you ever want to get away from everything the busy city life to offer and find some alone time for yourself, then you should definitely be booking an all-inclusive package at the Lodge at Woodloch in Pennsylvania. The all-inclusive package includes fitness classes, dining experience, workshops, baking lessons, and many more, that helps you rediscover yourself and connect with nature!  

Take some time off the busy city life and do schedule your next trips to either one of these locations and enjoy the many perks these all-inclusive packages, have to offer!