Tips On Making The Most Out Of A Weekend Business Trip Overseas

Tips On Making The Most Out Of A Weekend Business Trip Overseas

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Is your workplace sending you overseas on a business trip? As important as the meeting is, we are pretty sure you’re also excited about exploring your destination. If so, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your weekend business trip overseas… 

  • Pack smartly so you won’t waste time looking for things – it might be tempting to ask someone else to pack for you, especially if you are pressed for time, but that might be something you’d come to regret. Not only will you not know exactly what has been packed for you, you might also not know where exactly it is. This inevitably means you end wasting a lot of things searching through your luggage.  
  • Set all your meetings for the earliest possible appointment – plan your trip so that all you do once you get off your plan is drop your bags at the Patong beach hotel, freshen up, and then head for the meeting. Getting your meetings out of the way will help you make the maximum out of your trip; that too stress free! If this is not possible, make sure to organize something that is not too tiring prior to the meeting; so you don’t end up looking haggard when you get to it. 
  • Be very sure about your accommodations – whether your company is providing you accommodations at a 4 star hotel Phuket, or you need to arrange for your own accommodations, make sure to deal with it long before you get to your destination. This is particularly true if you happen to travel in high-tourist season; as you might end up room-less. 
  • Be adventurous with your food – one of the best ways to explore a country is through it’s food. So don’t be too picky when it comes to eating. While you can very well choose to dine only at fine dining restaurants, do give the street food a chance as well. Doing a little research before leaving home might help you pick out a few dishes you absolutely must try…or avoid at all costs! 
  • Sleep well on your flight – as you want to make the most of your trip overseas, try to get in as much sleep as possible as you travel. This will help you stay away longer once you arrive at your destination; giving you more time to explore. It’s also a great idea to sleep better the week before you intend to fly; making sure you are well rested and ready to have fun! 
  • Make a list of things you want to do or see; then begin organizing how to make those happen – let’s face it, two days is not a lot of time. Do a little research and find out all the hot tourist spots in your destination country. With some, pre-booking might be necessary, to avoid disappointment. Avoid doing a lot of similar things, and opt instead to do a variety of things… 

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